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DIHR Conveyor Dish Wahser Machine | Dishwasher | RX 101 E

DIHR Conveyor Dish Wahser Machine | Dishwasher | RX 101 E

RX 101 E


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  • Self-cleaning vertical wash pumps, protected from electrical overloads
  •     Traction system with built-in clutch preventing derailment
  •     AISI 304 Stainless Steel boilers fully insulated to reduce thermal losses
  •     Electronic soft touch panel with IP65 security level, manufactured to be user friendly and easy to be cleaned
  •     Stainless Steel washing and rinsing arms. These are removable without using any tool, for easier cleaning operation or to help the change of working direction on the RX 101E
  •     Stainless Steel surface filters on every tank, easily removable without detaching washing arms
  •     Insulated double skin door, counterbalanced, equipped with anti-drop safety system
  •     Auto timer in order to switch off the rack conveyor motor after a prolonged period of inactivity
  •     Economizers to allow operation only when the rack is detected on that specific area, avoiding any waste of water and energy