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RATIONAL CombiMaster Plus 20x2/1GN | Combi Oven Gas | CMP 202 Gas

RATIONAL CombiMaster Plus 20x2/1GN | Combi Oven Gas | CMP 202 Gas

CMP 202 Gas


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Standard Features
• Gas heated device for automatic cooking of meat, poultry, fish, sidedishes, vegetables, egg dishes, desserts, bakery products and forautomatic rethermalization
• Mixed loads with individual supervision of each rack, depending on type,load amount, and the number of door openings
• LED cooking cabinet and rack lighting - energy-saving, durable and low-maintenance
• Rear-ventilated triple-pane cooking cabinet door, two hinged inside panes(for easy cleaning) with a special heat-reflecting coating
• Combi-steamer according to DIN 18866, DIN 10535 for selective use ofsteam and hot air, separately, sequentially, or combined
• Integrated Ethernet and USB port
• No water softening system or additional descaling is necessary
• 2-Year parts and labor warranty
• 5-Year steam generator warranty
• No-charge 4-hour RATIONAL certified chef assistance program
• Core temperature probe with 6 measuring points, including positioning aid- automatic error correction in case of incorrect positioning
• 1% - accurate regulation of moisture, adjustable, and retrievable via thecontrol panel
• Combi-steamer mode °F/(°C): steam: 85 to 265/(30 to 130), hot air: 85 to575/(30 to 300), combination: 85 to 575/(30 to 300)
• Individual programming of at least 1,200 cooking programs with up to 12steps transferable via USB
• Hand shower with automatic retracting system
• Moisturising in 3 steps of °F/(°C) 85 to 500/(30 to 260) High-performance fresh steam generator, pressureless, with automaticfilling and automatic decalcification
• Dynamic air circulation in cooking cabinet with reversing wheel fan with 5fan speeds, programmable
• Integral, maintenance-free grease extraction system
• Single water connection as shipped, can be split connection for treatedand untreated water
• Turbo fan cool down function
• Automatic adaptation to the installation location (elevation)
• Height adjustable feet +- 3/8" (10 mm)
• 304 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel material inside and out
• Seamless interior and with rounded corners
• Demand-related energy supply
• 5 programmable proofing stages
• Automatic, pre-selected starting time with adjustable date/time• Delta-T cooking