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ROBOT COUPE Centrifugal Juicer | Juicer | J 80 Ultra

ROBOT COUPE Centrifugal Juicer | Juicer | J 80 Ultra

J 80 Ultra


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Large feed hopper (Ø 79 mm) allows whole fruits and vegetables such as apple or tomato to be processed

No heating of ingredients
  • Nutrients and antioxidants are preserved
  • No heating of processed products

Usable height of the machine
The spout height of 256 mm allows a collection jug to be placed directly underneath.

High power, low noise levels
The powerful, resilient commercial-grade motor operates at a speed of 3.000 rpm, meaning that the juice oxidizes less quickly. The resulting juices are particularly smooth and bursting with flavour. The noise levels of the J80 Ultra/J100 Ultra are so low that they can be used right in front of the customer.

Large capacity pulp collector
the 6.5-litre (J 80 Ultra) or the 7.2-litre (J 100 Ultra) translucent container slots neatly under the ejector spout, to avoid pulp splashing onto the worktop

Centrifugal juicer basket
The basket can be removed (no special tool required) for easy cleaning.