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SANTOS "Classic" Citrus Juicer | Juicer citrus| 11C

SANTOS "Classic" Citrus Juicer | Juicer citrus| 11C



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This powerful juicer is made of chromed aluminium casting with stainless steel housing. The switch is protected against wetness and the reamer is drived by a socket. The lemon squeezer will be delivered with two interchangeable reamers which can be taken for lemons, small oranges and for grapefruits. The juicer is equipped with a plastic container with metall ring and can be easily cleaned. The maxium glasse´s height underneath the spout measures 125mm. This electric squeezer has a waterprood engine block and is made of stainless steel, aluminium casting and food-safe plastic. The components which get in touch with fruit juice are easy to ease off and to clean.