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Sirman Sandwich Griller Double PDR

Sirman Sandwich Griller Double PDR


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•Dimensions(inch) : 30.25 x 17.15 x 19.75

•Cooking : Timer - 15min • Temp - 300°c

PD is a versatile 10" x 19" Panini Sandwich Grill, well-suited for high volume operations, ideal for cafes, bars, kiosks, concession stands, delis, supermarkets that allows you to heat up sandwiches and rolls of different size and thickness and cook hamburgers, steaks, chicken breasts, fish steaks, vegetables, eggs... virtually anything! Featuring fine grain cast iron surfaces providing even heat distribution, higher temperatures and faster recovery than cheaper material like aluminum and Teflon-coated cast iron. Thanks to its small size, PD is easy to handle and to position, offering a large cooking surface in a tiny footprint. The fine grain cast iron cooking surfaces feature an even distribution of heat for top and bottom plates, allowing you to grill both sides of your sandwich without flipping it; temperature can reach up to 570°F. Timer comes standard.